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Bishrampur, Palamu-822132, Jharkhand

A progressive hospital in which our doctors and staff focus on providing care of the highest quality to every patient, and on leveraging technology in the pursuit of patient care, research and training. At LCMCH Hospital, our leading doctors and nurses work together to provide the highest quality care using the latest medical technology.

Clinical Departments
Department Availabe Beds
Medicine & Allied General Medicine 78
Paediatrics 24
Pulmonary Medicine 10
Psychiatry 10
Dermatology 10
Surgery & Allied General Surgery 78
Orthopaedic 25
Ophthalmology 10
ENT 10
Obstetrics & Gynecology OBG & ANC 25
Gynecology 20
Total 330

Nursing Station, Exam / Treatment Room, Pantry, Store Room, Demonstration room, Duty Rooms are available in all wards.

Operation Theaters

The theatres are fully air conditioned with the availability of Central Oxy / Nitrous Oxide, Anesthesia Machine, Multipara Monitor with Capnograph, Defibrillators and Infusion Pumps.

Operaion Theater
Operation Theatres
Department Operation Theatres
General Surgery 2
Ophthalmology 1
OB & Gyn 2
Septic 1
Emergency 2